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Hello viewer,

A warm greeting to you. I am very happy that you are here and you are the ones who encourage me in writing more posts. I have named my blog "Bloom Smartly".

We all want happiness in our lives and that is the ultimate aim in our life "to be happy". Recently a saw a video about happiness. It was a speech given by a person, he said that there was a survey conducted around the world to know what makes a person happy? and they have found the answer.

The answer:

Only 10% of the people said they need money to be happy. 40% of them said that they either want to be with the person whom they like or with the person who likes them. 40% of the people find happiness in doing what they like. And the remaining 10% are unknown reasons ie, different people have different ways to be happy.

To make it simple, earn for your life, love and be loved by others, have a dream and passion in your life ,try to achieve it no matter whatever hurdles you may run through, fall and rise again with a better strength and hope in your heart, last but not the least help others in their situation to fulfill their dreams to spread happiness around you.

We want our members to live happier, stronger and healthier.
So in this blog, we are going to write about the different ways to be happy.

This includes the different stages in our life, from the time we are born to our last breath in this world. I am going to write about motherhood and parenting as it is the major part of our life, where we find happiness in our kid's smile, troublesome situations in life and how to overcome it, health and beauty tips as we all like to look beautiful and be healthy, some great people's life story which will be a great inspiration and many others.

I will be glad to know your views about my blog. Please comment your views about the posts. If you want me to write about a particular topic, then let me know in the comments. If u like the post then please share it with your friends and subscribe for more future posts. If you would like to share your way of being happy or want to write an article and publish it in my blog please feel free to mail me. Send your articles to happythoughtfullife@gmail.com.

Right now I don't pay for articles as the blog is just months old. I can give you backlinks, so we could grow together.

Hope you join hands with me in spreading happiness to the world.

Thank You. 
Bloom Smartly