Simple ways on how to make life better and happy always

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This is a image of a happy girl

Do you wish for a better and happy life? So do I. Approximately our lifetime is said to be around 60-70 years. The days are getting shorter and shorter as time moves on.

Are we going to take back anything with us when we leave this earth?

So, why are we always in a hurry only to earn and earn more?  By the time we think we have done enough earning and we are ready to enjoy life, life may not give us the chance to enjoy it…

There are certain simple ways which we can follow to enjoy and be happy in life.

Let's see those...

Earn good memories and love instead of money.

This may sound like a philosopher's saying. But if you look deep into its meaning it may sound true and thoughtful. 

Of course, money is important in this world to survive. 
But let's earn and spend the money that should be spent,  enjoy the part of life that should be enjoyed, and donate what you can donate. Don’t think of storing everything you have earned for your children and grandchildren.

Leave them as much as needed for them to develop themselves. Don't make them couch potatoes depending on the money you saved. 

Love and be loved. Make many good memories so that you can cherish them in your latter part of life. Have a habit of writing your happiness and small good deeds you did in a diary every day. 

I hope you love the feel of reading your slam books in which your friends had written their feelings about you after a period of 10 to 20 years. I simply love the feel. 

Whenever I feel low or depressed I just take out my slam book from my school and college days and start reading it. Honestly, I don't have contact with all my friends now expect on Facebook, but still, when I read those lines, I live the moments we had been together again. I temporarily forget my worries and my lips smile making my heart feel lighter than before. 

Just give it a try. You will surely feel the way I felt. 
The days are not going to come back. But through memories, we could just feel the comfort we once experienced. 

Earning and saving is just not life. We earn to live.  But days have changed to be like we live to earn.  
Isn't it disappointing??


One of my favorite way to feel happy and peaceful at mind is to meditate. It is good to learn meditation from a well-trained person as they will guide you. But you could also do simple meditation by sitting on a mat on the floor in a distraction-free surrounding. All you have to do is to forget your worries and concentrate on your inner soul. You could do it for 20 to 30 minutes minimum every early morning. 

Spend time with your family.

One of the best practice that we miss today is spending time with our family. Everyone in a family run after something to get it done. Children and adults spend their leisure time with their smartphones. And hardly they all sit together as a family to have a talk. 

You may say that you work hard for your family to make them comfortable. But what is the use of providing them with everything that is essential and not giving them your precious time? 

If only you spend time with your children, they will spend time with you when you get old and lonely. 

Plan a trip. 

Plan a trip or trekking to the mountains with your family or friends at least once a while. You may even go for boating or catching fish in a pond or lake nearby. 

Admire the Mother Nature, it's sunrise and sunset are treat to the eyes. Listen to the birds sing or to the sound of rushing water down the stream. 
Nature has the magic to transform your mood to happiness.

This image represents a group of friends on trip

Practice gratitude.

Be content and thankful for what you are blessed with. Never blame yourself or your fate. You may wish to have a life of another person whereas there are few who wish to have a life like yours. 

Exercise regularly.

Exercise not only keeps your body fit but also helps in activating your brain. Once there is a good supply of blood to the brain you feel relaxed and energetic. 

Listen to music. 

Music has the tendency to calm you down. Whatever hard situation you are in, music soothes your mind. Sometimes we hear the songs which relate our life situations and get emotional which proves music have an effect on us. 

See a child smile. 

The innocent smile of a child melts your heart. You would have experienced this if you are a parent. You may have financial problems, worries, job pressure etc... The moment you see your child smile at you even without any reason, the wicked world around you fades away and the only thing you could see is your child's smile like a ray of hope. 
It happens with any kid out there. 

Go to bed early and have a proper sleep. 

Scientists have proved that a good night sleep makes your day fresh and new to start. Try to have a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep. Never go to bed late. Instead, sleep early and get up when the sun rises so that you could meditate, go for jogging or could do your exercise. Even a simple breathing exercise would keep you lively. 

Never hate others.

No one is perfect. We do mistakes. Sometimes we feel sorry for what we have done and sometimes we intentionally or unintentionally hurt others. 

Hatred grows like darkness in our heart filling it completely. Never allow it to destroy you. I know it is easy to say to forgive others but to put it into practice is hard. 
Just remember karma takes its own time. Do good to others and only good will return. 

Always except less.

Don't over plan your future. Live at the moment.
To make life a happy one we must not spend our entire life thinking about the future and fearing what might happen next.

Always expect less to avoid disappointments. 
Life is to live… Live your life livelily, face your fears with a courage which will make you a better and happy person.

Donate or help others.

Donate some of your earnings to the needy out there. There are many who are homeless. Some children do not get food to eat or clothes to wear. A small contribution from you may bring a smile on their face. Seeing others smile because of you is the greatest happiness on Earth.

If you are unable to donate, you could help or support others in their problems or hard situations.