Are you a late sleeper? - Tips to go to bed early.

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How many of you will agree with me that sleep is the best medicine?
Well, some who are sleep lovers like me will agree with me.

Sleep has been the best medicine of all times. They say that one good night sleep can cure lots of diseases and prevent the ailments that are yet to come. Then imagine how healthy one can be if you have a good night sleep every day.

Clinically speaking, our body needs sleep for every functioning system in our body to work, both physically and mentally.

About eight hours of sleep every day gives us:

  • Mental stability
  • Activeness
  • Good mood
  • Concentration 
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Keeps our heart functions normally
  • It helps to maintain our weight
  • Regulates our hormones
  • It is a good appetite controller.

The above-mentioned fact is mostly known to all of us. The truth is that we don’t give importance to it and keep searching for newer and difficult ways to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Some wake up very early in the morning to do stuff like yoga, going for a walk for long hours, fitness centers etc, and not giving his body enough sleep and goes around complaining that all his efforts to keep his body fit don’t work out.

There is one simple and easy solution- “SLEEP”

Now a day, there is a new issue stating that people are not getting proper and good quality sleep. In that case, what can be the solution? There are plenty of treatments that can help you with it.

But why do you do it in a hard way?  You just need to understand the basic reason for your disturbed sleep.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What are the factors that keep you stressed up? 
  • What are the things that keep running in your mind?  
  • Do you feel depressed or desperate?
Talk to yourself. Bring out the stress in you. Give it positive thoughts. Believe that you will be out of your troubles soon. Say to you, “tomorrow is going to be a better day”.

Factors that promote a good night sleep:

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Maintain a regular time for bed. 

If you are on a weekend, it doesn’t mean that you need to stay awake a little longer. You can give your mind a little extra care by giving it the time it needs to sleep.

Wake up at the same time everyday morning. 

Usually, Sundays are considered as sleepover days. Wake up at the normal time and enjoy the day with relaxation. You will have more time to enjoy and you will not feel bad that the weekend is over.

Refresh yourself before sleep.

Remove makeup, clean your face with warm water and brush your teeth before sleep. Regular practice will set your mind to sleep and give you a beautiful skin when you wake up in the morning.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes.

Never wear tight clothes when you sleep. Your skin too needs air circulation to be fresh in the morning.

Listen to soft music prior to sleep.

Music changes your mindset and mood. Listening to soft music makes you feel lighter and induces sleep.

Use the bedroom for sleep purpose only.  

Television and dinner must be in the other part of the house. Talking about television, don't watch television in your bedroom, you tend to get interested in the show or the movie you are watching and sleep late. Avoid checking your emails, Facebook, Whats App and YouTube videos before sleep. Even if your eyes are closed your mind won’t stop thinking about it. Make it a practice slowly and your mind will adapt to it.

Avoid alcohol and a big meal before bedtime. 

Your digestion might take a long time to complete, disturbing your sleep and you might have stomach troubles at the middle of the night, not letting you have a quality sleep.

Be sure that your bedroom is dark and quiet. 

This is quite a difficult factor to follow because the world has become a busy place working night and day. So, you might need the help of earplugs and eye mask.

Adjust the room temperature. 

Make sure the room is cool and pleasant so that you need not getup often to change the temperature.

Take a full glass of water before sleep. 

Drinking water will help you cool down, maintain your hormones throughout the night and avoid sleep disturbances.

Follow these tips regularly for your life to be extended. You need not waste money on expenses for medicines, sleeping pills, various therapies and keep worrying about yourself that you are sick.

Any time you feel low, depressed, confused give yourself a small nap. After you wake up you can feel much better and the decisions you make will be good. You may even get a solution to your problems in your dreams by your instincts.

Have a happy night!!!