The Simple and Effective Ways to Fight Depression

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Simple ways to fight depression

The world is full of competitions,  confusions, struggles, embarrassing situations, lack of support and it is difficult to live in. Our life is hectic. From morning till night we keep running to achieve something or the other. There is no peace of mind. No time to relax, to think about ourselves and we hardly get time to talk with our family and friends.        

So, What are the problems we face and What do we really do? 

We always keep thinking about something. We don't share our problems or thoughts to our loved ones to find solutions. Almost everyone, from the school going kid to old people, has something in their mind which keeps troubling them. 

It may be their exams at schools, bullying, no friends to play or share, lack of job, no income, debts, loss of loved ones, work tension, not having people to take care of them, etc... 

What is actually happening when we have a problem?

We constantly think about our problems, to find a solution to it until one fine day we get depressed and we detach ourselves from the world. The problem with these people is that they don't trust others. They think others would consider them inferior due to their problems related to money and some may feel guilty. They think there is no one to support them, to care for them and to give them a hand in the situation. 

Characteristics of depressed people:

  • These depressed people look sad.
  • Isolated.
  • Unable to concentrate.
  • They seem to live in another world.
  • They don't eat well.
  • Get health issues.
  • They don't have a peaceful sleep.
  • Some may even develop certain mental disorders which affect them as well as their family. 
  • Finally, they consult a doctor and take antidepressants drugs and sleeping pills. 

What do drugs do? Are they really safe? A better way out:

These drugs and pills give temporary relief and it is not advisable to take over a long period of time. Doctors give you antidepressants only for a certain period of time. Remember to say about the drugs you take to the doctor when you visit him. He will change the drug or dosage to be taken. 

 Instead, you could go to psychotherapist and counselors and take talk therapy. Recently The National Institute of Mental Health states that talk therapy often helps people avoid and change unhealthy thought patterns. 

Life can be overwhelming. We all have our ups and downs. There is no gain in thinking about the problems and it only increases stress. we only lose our health and a peaceful mind. 

Recently I came across an amazing video done by the World Health Organisation and thought of sharing it here. It is written, illustrated and narrated by Matthew Johnstone. A very complex topic like depression cannot be simplified further. Please go through it and request you to forward this to others as many people usually try to hide it instead of seeking external help.

Butterfly struggles hardly to come out of its cocoon. It has a span of struggling. And when it achieves to come out, it spreads it's colorful wing and flies high. Likewise, you will have struggles, pain, and hard situations but they are just a part of life. It will exist only for a short span. Struggles are only temporary and your success is just one step ahead. You will come out with colors.

 Don't lose hope

Ways to come out of depression:

  • Share your problems. 
  • Take a walk in a park. 
  • Go on a vacation. 
  • Spend time with your family. 
  • Breathe fresh air. 
  • Do meditation. 
  • Admire nature's beauty. 
  • Relax by hearing the music. 
  • See your childhood albums. 
  • Be confident. 
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Have a strong heart. 
  • Just leave the problems with God and he will help you out while you put your efforts

           Don't let depression conquer you, instead conquer the world with positive thoughts. 

Share the message with your loved ones.