Babylist-Essential things required for newborn baby.

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This is a picture of a baby

                            Helloooo mommies and to-be-moms!!  If you are searching for a checklist of necessary baby things to get before birth, then you have reached your right destination. We all get nervous and overwhelmed when we have our first baby. We all love our children and they are our world. We try to give them the best we can. We really get excited when we are ready to welcome our newborn.

                            We google, read books, articles, get advice from our elder ones in our family to create a happy and comfortable zone for the little ones. Whatever we read or hear, we have the feeling of missing certain things we require.
So here in this article, I have consolidated the most required things we need if you have or yet to have a newborn.

Please make a check-list of the things below, so u don't miss any.

Let's get started!! 


  • Breast pump: Mothers who breastfeed are appreciated to have a breast pump, bottles, and nipples to use with the milk that you pump when you have to be away from your baby or when the baby isn't ready to feed. Store it in the refrigerator so your milk doesn't get spoilt. 
  • Burp clothes and bibs. This keeps the clothes clean which the baby wears while feeding. 
  • Nursing pillows. This gives you a proper support to hold the newborn in position while feeding. And you don't have to strain your back. 
  • Nursing bras.
  • Lotion for sore nipples. As you keep feeding, you may have some irritation, burning sensation of nipples. This cream /lotion will help you. Remember to wash off the lotion before feeding. 
  • Thermal bottle carrier. 
  • A bottle brush. Sanitize the bottle before you feed. 
  • Formula and measuring cup if you are not breastfeeding. 

This is a picture of feeding baby


  • Diaper pads.
  • Diaper rash ointment. Newborn skin is very soft and if you continuously use a diaper or don't change the diaper properly, rashes may appear. Apply the ointment before wearing a diaper.
  • Cloth or reusable diapers.
  • Safety pins.
  • Waterproof covers.
  • A diaper bag to carry the necessary things when you go out with your baby.
  • Wipes and cleaning cloth. Go for a scent free wipes. 
  • Bag to dispose of the used diaper.
  • Changing table or mat that is handy.


  • T-shirts short or long sleeve based upon the climatic conditions and pants.
  • Pajama sets.
  • Socks and soft booties.
  • Bibs.
  • Sweater.
  • Cap.
  • Soft gloves: check the material to be soft and clean as babies may keep their hands in mouth.
  • Hangers for baby clothes.
  •  Wash and dry the clothes before using them on your baby, to make them soft.


  • Bathtub.
  • Soft towels.
  • Cotton swabs.
  • Baby shampoo.
  • Baby body wash.
  • Head caps to not to let water into the nostrils of the baby when washing hair.
  • Baby nail clipper.
  • Soft comb and brush.
  • Scent free powder.
  • Baby Body lotion.
  • Anti-rash ointment for body and face. Some babies develop rashes due to allergy of clothes or detergent used for washing clothes. Some may appear naturally. Consult your pediatrician about the anti-rash cream and use it.
  • Mild soap for laundry.

This is a picture of essential things for newborn


  • Cradle or bassinet with cotton sheets.
  • Soft blankets.
  • Linens.
  • Waterproof liner for crib and bassinet.
  • Crib mattress pad.
  • Rocking chair /glider.
  • Dresser.
  • Baby monitor. Always monitor the baby's movement.
  • Night vision lamps. Easy to see at night.
  • Soft music or lullabies.


  • Baby car seat.
  • Sun shield for car windows.
  • Stroller. Select the stroller according to your necessity.
  • Rocking chair.
  • Diaper bag.
  • Playpen.
  • Pacifiers.
  • Sling or front carrier.
  • Formula or milk for the baby.


  • Baby books.
  • Rattles and toys.
  • Playmat.
  • Bouncy seat.
  • Baby squeezy ball.
  • Music CD.


  • Consult your pediatrician about the medicines and ointments given to your baby.
  • A digital thermometer.
  • A bulb syringe to remove excess mucus from nose and mouth.
  • Nasal aspirator that is recommended for babies during nasal congestion.
  • Give proper Immunizations.


  • Make sure you remove small toys that cause choking.
  • Put a gate near the staircase, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • Check whether all the cupboards are closed and latched properly.
  • Cover the corner of walls or sharp edges with soft tapes.

Yay!!!!  That's it, mommies. Prepare your checklist of essential things and make a tick.

Happy Parenting 😊

Efficient Tips on How to Achieve your Goals- A key to success.

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This is a picture which represents a thinking about success

Hello  achiever,

I know you have your own passion, dreams, and goals to achieve. We all do. There would be no one in this world without goals or dreams. Even to get small things done, you plan. A goal without a proper plan fails.

What is our life all about?

Our Life is full of plans. They are the plans to achieve your goals. God has planned a beautiful life for us. He has given this life to see how we plan our future. Life is a test. God sends problems to test us. Each of our life is different. We can't copy another person as we have a different question paper which is set by God according to our capacity to deal with it. 

Few questions to ask before you plan:

  • When you start a new chapter in our life, which directs you towards your goal, you should understand who you are and what you want to achieve? 
  • What is the use of it? 
  • whether you want to be rich or it deals with your passion and dreams?
  • Whatever you do, just think where you are now and where you want to be in the future. 
  • Whether is it right for u? 
  • Does it harm anyone? Because your growth shouldn't affect others. 

If you get a positive answer to the above question, then you are ready to put your plans to work.

Let me explain it in detail with a simple example.

What do we do when we study for an exam? We first see the exam date, the subject, it's syllabus, we plan accordingly to the time we have. We prepare wholeheartedly. We put our efforts and hope in God to excel in it. 

Tips on how to achieve your goals:

The key factors to success are as mentioned below.

This is a picture representing  the key to success

Understand your goals.

Understanding your goal is important. What is your goal? Why do you want to achieve? Whether you want to excel in studies or you want to get a gold medal in sports? Whatever the goal is, big or small, never mind. Just focus on what you want.

What are your situation and strengths?

To achieve the goal, you should know yourself. You should know where you stand in achieving the goal and your strengths to move forward towards it.

Where do you want to be?

Where you want to be in your future? Are you going to be in a crowd or stand above all in front of the crowd? The decision is yours. Imagine and have a picture if you in your mind achieving your dreams.

What are the things or talent you need to achieve?

Just dreaming is not enough. One cannot build a castle in the air. Analyse your strengths and weakness. Turn all your weakness into a strength. Get trained accordingly. Without practice, one cannot get a gold medal.

Foresee your future.

If we don't foresee, then we end in disaster and loses. Life can't be led blindly. We all have a purpose in life. You should find the purpose of your life to achieve in it. Your efforts won't go in vain. Even if you struggle, it only means you are progressing towards your goal. So be bold and confident. 

This is a picture representing success

Plan accordingly.

Planning properly and following is one among the key to success. Similar to writing an exam, plan everything before you keep your first step on the ladder of success.

Hard work pays it all.

The great people in today's world were the ones who came up with their hard work. Some were even teased and criticized, they never heard the voices of the people around them, instead, they listened to their inner voice which said to work harder.

Trust God.

One should have a clear perspective of the things you do to achieve your goals, as they are the vision of wisdom. Plan and put your trust in the name of God. You can achieve your goals.

Be polite if you reach the top.

Being polite after you reach the top is the most important. Be humble and polite and help others in their dreams. God will bless you and make you sustain in that position.

Are you worried about your past?-Tips to overcome anxiety.

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Image of a worried girl

Our life is a very complicated one. We all have hardships and problems. The only thing which differs from person to person is the type of problem and the situation they are in. No one has a "Happily ever after" life. 

No one can avoid or prevent the things that are happening. The important thing is how we face the problem. 

What actually happens?

During our problems, we become weak and fragile. Some go into depression. As a result get physical and mental disorders. 

We get isolated from our family and friends. We keep thinking about the problem that we lose our concentrations of other valuable things around us in our life. We also have a communication gap with our peers. 

We lose interest in our day to day activities. We forget to appreciate the others who intend to help us.

Some don't share their problems and keep worrying within themselves. We burst out in anger to the people around us. We don't do it with an intention. For example, if you have been insulted or screwed up by your boss at the office, you shout at your kids for small reasons when you come home. You are actually angry at your boss, but since he is superior to you, you show your anger on kids.

A poor thing.

You may feel heartbroken and think that you don't even have a soul to care for or a shoulder to cry on. 

Just ask the below questions to yourself at tough times:

  • Are you going to gain anything by thinking about the worries from your past? a
  • Can you reverse or change anything that has happened? 
  • Do you have a time machine or something? 

No. You only have your future to live. 

Image of positive thinking

 Have you seen a spider spinning its web? A spider may fail and fall many times while spinning its web. But, after many trials, it will succeed in building one. Never lose confidence in you. Have a strong heart. 

The main reasons for depression :

  • Lack of communication 
  • Overthinking.

Who do you think are the ones most affected?

Nowadays adolescents and young adults are most affected and their death rate by suicide is also high. 

What are the actual problem of adolescents and young adults?

Many adolescents don't share their problems with their parents. They have a thought that parents don't understand their situation and they only give advice. They also feel inferior and consider it as an awful thing to ask for help or guidance. 

They also feel that they are grown up and can handle anything independently. They share their situation with friends who won't even have the experience or an idea about it. As a result, they get into bad company and start engaging in illegal activities like the intake of drugs. 

So, what is life all about?

Life is said to be with ups and downs. No one can change your life unless God plans a Better way for you. You are not going to gain anything by thinking the past. You only loose peace and the rest of your lives.

You may have faced hails and storms in your life. Just have a hope that they are only temporary and better days are on your way. 

What to do to overcome anxiety?

  • Whenever you feel down, just go for a walk in a park.
  • Breathe fresh air. 
  • Listen to music. 
  • Do meditation and it does wonder in giving you peace. 
  • See a bird sing, a fish swimming in a tank or a baby smile.
  • Visit a true friend.

Doctors have said these things change your mind. Make you relaxed. You heart feel lighter. You too get distracted from your worries temporarily. 

Don't lose hope in God. 

He is the creator. He allowed the problems into your life to make you strong. He won't let you in a situation which you cannot handle. 

He knows your capacity and what you are capable of. He will show you a better path.
 The only thing is, you should be determined and have hope in him. Plan your future. 

You have to live for yourself. 
Love yourself. 

Just Move On...  

The Simple and Effective Ways to Fight Depression

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Simple ways to fight depression

The world is full of competitions,  confusions, struggles, embarrassing situations, lack of support and it is difficult to live in. Our life is hectic. From morning till night we keep running to achieve something or the other. There is no peace of mind. No time to relax, to think about ourselves and we hardly get time to talk with our family and friends.        

So, What are the problems we face and What do we really do? 

We always keep thinking about something. We don't share our problems or thoughts to our loved ones to find solutions. Almost everyone, from the school going kid to old people, has something in their mind which keeps troubling them. 

It may be their exams at schools, bullying, no friends to play or share, lack of job, no income, debts, loss of loved ones, work tension, not having people to take care of them, etc... 

What is actually happening when we have a problem?

We constantly think about our problems, to find a solution to it until one fine day we get depressed and we detach ourselves from the world. The problem with these people is that they don't trust others. They think others would consider them inferior due to their problems related to money and some may feel guilty. They think there is no one to support them, to care for them and to give them a hand in the situation. 

Characteristics of depressed people:

  • These depressed people look sad.
  • Isolated.
  • Unable to concentrate.
  • They seem to live in another world.
  • They don't eat well.
  • Get health issues.
  • They don't have a peaceful sleep.
  • Some may even develop certain mental disorders which affect them as well as their family. 
  • Finally, they consult a doctor and take antidepressants drugs and sleeping pills. 

What do drugs do? Are they really safe? A better way out:

These drugs and pills give temporary relief and it is not advisable to take over a long period of time. Doctors give you antidepressants only for a certain period of time. Remember to say about the drugs you take to the doctor when you visit him. He will change the drug or dosage to be taken. 

 Instead, you could go to psychotherapist and counselors and take talk therapy. Recently The National Institute of Mental Health states that talk therapy often helps people avoid and change unhealthy thought patterns. 

Life can be overwhelming. We all have our ups and downs. There is no gain in thinking about the problems and it only increases stress. we only lose our health and a peaceful mind. 

Recently I came across an amazing video done by the World Health Organisation and thought of sharing it here. It is written, illustrated and narrated by Matthew Johnstone. A very complex topic like depression cannot be simplified further. Please go through it and request you to forward this to others as many people usually try to hide it instead of seeking external help.

Butterfly struggles hardly to come out of its cocoon. It has a span of struggling. And when it achieves to come out, it spreads it's colorful wing and flies high. Likewise, you will have struggles, pain, and hard situations but they are just a part of life. It will exist only for a short span. Struggles are only temporary and your success is just one step ahead. You will come out with colors.

 Don't lose hope

Ways to come out of depression:

  • Share your problems. 
  • Take a walk in a park. 
  • Go on a vacation. 
  • Spend time with your family. 
  • Breathe fresh air. 
  • Do meditation. 
  • Admire nature's beauty. 
  • Relax by hearing the music. 
  • See your childhood albums. 
  • Be confident. 
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Have a strong heart. 
  • Just leave the problems with God and he will help you out while you put your efforts

           Don't let depression conquer you, instead conquer the world with positive thoughts. 

Share the message with your loved ones. 

What does a woman need? - A note from a woman's diary.

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Like the beam from a lighthouse guiding the sailor in a rough sea, woman guides her loved ones. She is a person who tries to make others happy but often misunderstood. A woman is a star who shines all day and night but people seeks her only when they are in darkness, to find their path and don't even bother to realize that she exists when they are in daylight.

She sacrifices a lot for the sake of her family. She hides her loneliness, her pain, her tears, her sufferings, her problems with just a happy innocent smile.

So, Who is she?

She takes many forms, a daughter, a mother, a wife, and a friend.

As a daughter, her dad is her King, her first love, her superhero who does anything just to see her smile and be happy. Her mother is her fairy Godmother who gets her everything she wishes for. She is a princess of her home.

As this daughter grows up she graduates, she is set to face the outside world independently. She tries to make an identity for herself by finding a job. She gets married to the Prince Charming who was bought up by an another Queen.

She not only nurtures a soul but also turns deserted life into a garden by the art of love. She hides her tears and sacrifices everything for her children. She also goes to the extent of starving just to make her kids have the food. Her hunger disappears and her heart gets filled when she sees her children happy.

What does a woman actually wants?

Its the hardest question that could be answered. Many think that all a  woman needs is money and they could get her heart if they are rich.

No, that is not the truth.

She only needs the heart who loves, cares, motivates, spends their precious time, supports her in every situation of her life and the people who treat her like a princess because she was bought up that way, like a princess.
Consider and respect her feelings. Don't criticize her. Explain her mistakes. Make her feel special and worthy. Praise and Appreciate her in her every manner. Thank her for the sacrifices she does.

She is an angel in disguise.

This is an image of a strong woman

Do not compare her with other women, as all are unique and have their very own style. A woman has the most unique character like salt. Her presence is never remembered, but Her absence makes all the things tasteless.

So girls, be bold, confident, courageous, keep your chin up, aim high, achieve your dreams, be passionate, don't lose your dignity, express yourself, be adventurous, experience new things, set an example of hard work. Fly high.

That's Me.
That's You.
That's a Girl.

Be proud to be a girl.

Dedicated to all cute, sweet, strong, wild and gorgeous girls.

So beautiful Queens n Princesses, pass it to every other woman, who is special.
And to the Kings n Prince pass it to the woman you know to make them feel special like a Princess.

Tell her she deserves to be loved and respected.