The top 11 fruits which your body needs to be stress-free and healthy.

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This is a image of healthy fruits like papaya, kiwi,mango

Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. You can also call them as nutrients rich powerhouse as they contain vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants. They are healthy and delicious. Fresh juices made out of fruits helps in reducing weight. But it is good to chew the fruit and eat as its fibers can be obtained fully.

Consuming fruits on regular basis gives energy boost which aids in concentration and keeps the body fit.

Do not eat the same fruit regularly.

You should eat all types of fruit as each one is rich with certain nutrients. Eating fruit salad is a better way to get all nutrients at one time.

Benefits of fruits:

  • It prevents asthma.
  • It gives a glowing skin and prevents aging.
  • It helps in reducing weight and obesity.
  • It prevents heart disease and stroke.
  • It keeps cholesterol under control and prevents high blood pressure.
  • It prevents certain types of cancer.
  • It is good for vision thus reducing cataract.
  • It helps in preventing ulcers and urinary tract infection.
  • It prevents diabetes.

Fruits and their health benefits:



It contains antioxidants, Vitamin A and vitamin C, iron, and calcium. 


  • It is good for the heart by preventing stroke and heart diseases. 
  • It cleanses the body and removes toxic substances.
  • It prevents developing asthma and diabetes.
  • It also cleans your teeth when you chew and eat. 

Mixed fruits which are good for health



It is rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium,  vitamin B6, folate and fiber. 


  • It is consumed by athletes during the workout as it gives instant energy. 
  • It helps in relieving constipation. 
  • It lowers blood pressure level.
  • It is a good food if you are trying to reduce your weight, as one or two bananas could fill your hunger.
  • It contains quercetin, an antioxidant which reduces inflammation.



Vitamin C,  vitamin A, and potassium.


  • It boosts your immunity in the body.
  • It prevents the risk of cancer.
  • It reduces acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties and gives glowing skin.
  • It helps in pregnancy for normal delivery.
  • It helps in weight gain.
  • It aids in curing anemia.



Vitamin A, Vitamin CCalcium, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-6, Magnesium.


  • It helps to absorb other key nutrients from the food we take. 
  • It helps to curb many kinds of illness which also includes cancer and diabetes.
  • It helps to keep the heart healthy. 
  • It also helps to give relief from the menstrual pain.
  • It is rich in calcium which helps in the development of strong bones and teeth. 



Vitamin E, potassium.


  • It helps in lowering cholesterol level.
  • It helps in weight gain for babies.
  • It keeps your skin healthy.
  • It is good for vision.
  • It helps in proper digestion.
  • It is good for your liver and kidney.
  • It aids in dental care by preventing bad breath. 



It contains protein, iron, vitamin B-6, calcium,  phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and zinc.

Benefits :

  • It is high in antioxidants and helps in absorption of nutrients.
  • It helps to strengthen the bone and prevents from osteoporosis.
  • It helps to reduce the cholesterol level.
  • It strengthens the nervous system and prevents the risk of stroke.


This is an image of pomegranate


Vitamin  K,  vitamin C, folate and fiber.


  • It helps in preventing anemia.
  • It is good for dental health.
  • It keeps the heart healthy by lowering the risks of stroke and heart attack.
  • It helps to overcome depression.
  • It aids proper digestion and prevents stomach disorders.
  • It helps in pregnancy by lowering the risk of the premature baby during birth.



Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-6, Magnesium.


  • It helps to manage blood pressure.
  • It helps in increasing immunity and controls DNA damage.
  • Supports weight loss. 
  • It helps to prevent heart diseases. 
  • It is a good fruit suitable for diabetes patients.



Carbohydrates, Fiber, Protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Folate (Vitamin B9), Potassium.


  • It helps to prevent constipation and maintain a healthy digestive tract. 
  • It helps to reduce inflammation.
  • It has anti-cancerous properties.
  • It improves the health of the heart and maintains healthy skin.



Vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, folate.


  • It is rich in vitamin c and anti-inflammatory property which is good for skin.
  • It helps in the production of red blood cells which helps in blood circulation. 
  • It is also good for visionn. 
  • It helps in easy digestion. 
  • It boosts immunity.
  • It protects your body against cancer.
  • It's smell makes you feel relaxed and stress-free.



Vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron.


  • It helps in preventing stroke.
  • It helps in preventing the growth of cancer cells in the lungs.
  • It helps in lowering bad cholesterol.
  • It aids in regulating blood sugar.
  • Helps in improving memory. 

Natural products and homemade face packs for flawless glowing skin.

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This image represents a Women detoxing

Hello beautiful,

Having a flawless and glowing skin is every girl's dream. Being fair or dark doesn't bother these days. You only work to get a flawless skin irrespective of your color.

Like all girls, I wish I had a flawless skin, but I have a very sensitive skin which is prone to acne. I have tried everything to keep my skin acne and scar free.

So, here I am going to share some natural products and homemade face packs to keep your skin glowing which actually worked for me.

Note: The tips below worked for me and my friends. Please discontinue if any irritation or rashes occur.

Natural products that are good for skin:


Carrot is rich in Vitamin A which is good for skin. It gives you fairness and a glowing skin. Regular drinking of carrot juice and applying ground carrot on your face keeps your skin healthy and glowing.

Clove oil:

Cloves are astringent which can be used for all types of skin. Its oil is used as a toner to refresh the skin as it reduces oiliness. It is used as the main ingredient in many face packs. Clove oil keeps your face acne free.

Vitamin E oil:

Vitamin E oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property. It repairs the damaged skin cells, restores the radiance and youthfulness of the skin. It also keeps your skin acne-free. It has the ability to heal scars, sunburn and minor burns. Vitamin E oil is found in capsules. Care should be taken while buying original vitamin e oil capsules.


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory activities and can be used as a face mask to prevent acne and scars. It acts as anti-bacterial, lightens blemishes and fights against acne. It helps to cure any kind of wound faster because of its antiseptic activity.

This image represents women with Face pack

Camellia oil:

It is mainly used for its anti-acne properties.  It helps to reduce the size of acne,  prevent it from bursting out and stops the appearance of red angered face. It moisturizes and nourishes the deeper layers of the skin and makes it soft and bouncy. It also helps in reducing the wrinkles in the face.

Aloe Vera:

It also has anti-inflammatory helps to unclog the pores and remove the dead cells in the face. It also acts as a moisturizer and prevents rashes.


They are anti-bacterial and help to treat acne.  It acts on the blackheads and helps to lighten the skin.  It acts on the pimples and its astringent capacity makes the acne to burst open and bleed. It is used as a super cleansing material.


It is anti-bacterial and it helps to prevent and remove acne. It helps to slow down the aging of the face. It is full of antioxidants and brings the softy effect to the skin. It brings out the glow in the face

Olive oil:

It gives a neat cleansing effect. It acts deep into the skin and behaves as a moisturizer. It is used as anti-clogs.  It is full of antioxidant, anti-bacterial and vitamins. It helps to maintain a healthy clear skin.


It helps to bring out the glow in the face. It helps to tighten the skin texture and makes it younger. It is mixed with curd and applied to remove the dark circles under the eyes. It also acts as a good moisturizer.

Homemade Face packs which are best for skin:

To clear blackheads:


  • 1 egg white
  • 1 tsp lemon juice

How to use it:

Take 1 egg white and mix it with 1 tsp of lemon juice. Apply it on your face and let it dry for 20 minutes. Wash your face with lukewarm water. Pat it dry with a clean cotton cloth.

To get Clear skin:


  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 2 tsp honey

How to use it:

Mix 1 tsp of lemon juice with 2 tsp of honey. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes. Wash your face and pat it dry with soft cloth.

To brighten skin overnight:


  • 1/2 tomato
  • 1 tbsp milk

How to use it:

Grind half of a tomato with 1 tbsp of milk in a blender finely. Apply the mixture on your face for 15-20 minutes. Wash and wipe your face dry.

Note: Tomato causes some irritation feeling while applied which is normal. For some, it may not suit skin causing severe irritation and rashes. Please wash your face immediately.

To get Glowing skin:


  • 2 tbsp yogurt
  • 2 tsp lemon juice

How to use it:
Mix both yogurt and lemon juice. Apply it on your face for 20 minutes. Wash your face and pat it dry.

Anti-aging mask:


  • 1 egg white
  • 2 tbsp Aloe Vera Gel

How to use it:

Mix egg white and Aloe Vera gel from the plant. Apply it over your face and neck. Leave it for 20-30 minutes. Wash your face.

To be Acne-free:


  • 1/2 cup of ground cloves
  • 2 cup of olive oil

How to use it:

Coarsely Grind 1/2 cup of cloves and then mix it with 2 cups of olive oil in a bowl. Let it be kept aside for 2 weeks. Extract the oil from the mixture using a sieve. Store the oil in a bottle and use it on your face for reducing acne. 

Simple ways on how to make life better and happy always

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This is a image of a happy girl

Do you wish for a better and happy life? So do I. Approximately our lifetime is said to be around 60-70 years. The days are getting shorter and shorter as time moves on.

Are we going to take back anything with us when we leave this earth?

So, why are we always in a hurry only to earn and earn more?  By the time we think we have done enough earning and we are ready to enjoy life, life may not give us the chance to enjoy it…

There are certain simple ways which we can follow to enjoy and be happy in life.

Let's see those...

Earn good memories and love instead of money.

This may sound like a philosopher's saying. But if you look deep into its meaning it may sound true and thoughtful. 

Of course, money is important in this world to survive. 
But let's earn and spend the money that should be spent,  enjoy the part of life that should be enjoyed, and donate what you can donate. Don’t think of storing everything you have earned for your children and grandchildren.

Leave them as much as needed for them to develop themselves. Don't make them couch potatoes depending on the money you saved. 

Love and be loved. Make many good memories so that you can cherish them in your latter part of life. Have a habit of writing your happiness and small good deeds you did in a diary every day. 

I hope you love the feel of reading your slam books in which your friends had written their feelings about you after a period of 10 to 20 years. I simply love the feel. 

Whenever I feel low or depressed I just take out my slam book from my school and college days and start reading it. Honestly, I don't have contact with all my friends now expect on Facebook, but still, when I read those lines, I live the moments we had been together again. I temporarily forget my worries and my lips smile making my heart feel lighter than before. 

Just give it a try. You will surely feel the way I felt. 
The days are not going to come back. But through memories, we could just feel the comfort we once experienced. 

Earning and saving is just not life. We earn to live.  But days have changed to be like we live to earn.  
Isn't it disappointing??


One of my favorite way to feel happy and peaceful at mind is to meditate. It is good to learn meditation from a well-trained person as they will guide you. But you could also do simple meditation by sitting on a mat on the floor in a distraction-free surrounding. All you have to do is to forget your worries and concentrate on your inner soul. You could do it for 20 to 30 minutes minimum every early morning. 

Spend time with your family.

One of the best practice that we miss today is spending time with our family. Everyone in a family run after something to get it done. Children and adults spend their leisure time with their smartphones. And hardly they all sit together as a family to have a talk. 

You may say that you work hard for your family to make them comfortable. But what is the use of providing them with everything that is essential and not giving them your precious time? 

If only you spend time with your children, they will spend time with you when you get old and lonely. 

Plan a trip. 

Plan a trip or trekking to the mountains with your family or friends at least once a while. You may even go for boating or catching fish in a pond or lake nearby. 

Admire the Mother Nature, it's sunrise and sunset are treat to the eyes. Listen to the birds sing or to the sound of rushing water down the stream. 
Nature has the magic to transform your mood to happiness.

This image represents a group of friends on trip

Practice gratitude.

Be content and thankful for what you are blessed with. Never blame yourself or your fate. You may wish to have a life of another person whereas there are few who wish to have a life like yours. 

Exercise regularly.

Exercise not only keeps your body fit but also helps in activating your brain. Once there is a good supply of blood to the brain you feel relaxed and energetic. 

Listen to music. 

Music has the tendency to calm you down. Whatever hard situation you are in, music soothes your mind. Sometimes we hear the songs which relate our life situations and get emotional which proves music have an effect on us. 

See a child smile. 

The innocent smile of a child melts your heart. You would have experienced this if you are a parent. You may have financial problems, worries, job pressure etc... The moment you see your child smile at you even without any reason, the wicked world around you fades away and the only thing you could see is your child's smile like a ray of hope. 
It happens with any kid out there. 

Go to bed early and have a proper sleep. 

Scientists have proved that a good night sleep makes your day fresh and new to start. Try to have a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep. Never go to bed late. Instead, sleep early and get up when the sun rises so that you could meditate, go for jogging or could do your exercise. Even a simple breathing exercise would keep you lively. 

Never hate others.

No one is perfect. We do mistakes. Sometimes we feel sorry for what we have done and sometimes we intentionally or unintentionally hurt others. 

Hatred grows like darkness in our heart filling it completely. Never allow it to destroy you. I know it is easy to say to forgive others but to put it into practice is hard. 
Just remember karma takes its own time. Do good to others and only good will return. 

Always except less.

Don't over plan your future. Live at the moment.
To make life a happy one we must not spend our entire life thinking about the future and fearing what might happen next.

Always expect less to avoid disappointments. 
Life is to live… Live your life livelily, face your fears with a courage which will make you a better and happy person.

Donate or help others.

Donate some of your earnings to the needy out there. There are many who are homeless. Some children do not get food to eat or clothes to wear. A small contribution from you may bring a smile on their face. Seeing others smile because of you is the greatest happiness on Earth.

If you are unable to donate, you could help or support others in their problems or hard situations. 

Are you a late sleeper? - Tips to go to bed early.

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This is a picture representing sleep

How many of you will agree with me that sleep is the best medicine?
Well, some who are sleep lovers like me will agree with me.

Sleep has been the best medicine of all times. They say that one good night sleep can cure lots of diseases and prevent the ailments that are yet to come. Then imagine how healthy one can be if you have a good night sleep every day.

Clinically speaking, our body needs sleep for every functioning system in our body to work, both physically and mentally.

About eight hours of sleep every day gives us:

  • Mental stability
  • Activeness
  • Good mood
  • Concentration 
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Keeps our heart functions normally
  • It helps to maintain our weight
  • Regulates our hormones
  • It is a good appetite controller.

The above-mentioned fact is mostly known to all of us. The truth is that we don’t give importance to it and keep searching for newer and difficult ways to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Some wake up very early in the morning to do stuff like yoga, going for a walk for long hours, fitness centers etc, and not giving his body enough sleep and goes around complaining that all his efforts to keep his body fit don’t work out.

There is one simple and easy solution- “SLEEP”

Now a day, there is a new issue stating that people are not getting proper and good quality sleep. In that case, what can be the solution? There are plenty of treatments that can help you with it.

But why do you do it in a hard way?  You just need to understand the basic reason for your disturbed sleep.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What are the factors that keep you stressed up? 
  • What are the things that keep running in your mind?  
  • Do you feel depressed or desperate?
Talk to yourself. Bring out the stress in you. Give it positive thoughts. Believe that you will be out of your troubles soon. Say to you, “tomorrow is going to be a better day”.

Factors that promote a good night sleep:

This is an image representing sleeplessness

Maintain a regular time for bed. 

If you are on a weekend, it doesn’t mean that you need to stay awake a little longer. You can give your mind a little extra care by giving it the time it needs to sleep.

Wake up at the same time everyday morning. 

Usually, Sundays are considered as sleepover days. Wake up at the normal time and enjoy the day with relaxation. You will have more time to enjoy and you will not feel bad that the weekend is over.

Refresh yourself before sleep.

Remove makeup, clean your face with warm water and brush your teeth before sleep. Regular practice will set your mind to sleep and give you a beautiful skin when you wake up in the morning.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes.

Never wear tight clothes when you sleep. Your skin too needs air circulation to be fresh in the morning.

Listen to soft music prior to sleep.

Music changes your mindset and mood. Listening to soft music makes you feel lighter and induces sleep.

Use the bedroom for sleep purpose only.  

Television and dinner must be in the other part of the house. Talking about television, don't watch television in your bedroom, you tend to get interested in the show or the movie you are watching and sleep late. Avoid checking your emails, Facebook, Whats App and YouTube videos before sleep. Even if your eyes are closed your mind won’t stop thinking about it. Make it a practice slowly and your mind will adapt to it.

Avoid alcohol and a big meal before bedtime. 

Your digestion might take a long time to complete, disturbing your sleep and you might have stomach troubles at the middle of the night, not letting you have a quality sleep.

Be sure that your bedroom is dark and quiet. 

This is quite a difficult factor to follow because the world has become a busy place working night and day. So, you might need the help of earplugs and eye mask.

Adjust the room temperature. 

Make sure the room is cool and pleasant so that you need not getup often to change the temperature.

Take a full glass of water before sleep. 

Drinking water will help you cool down, maintain your hormones throughout the night and avoid sleep disturbances.

Follow these tips regularly for your life to be extended. You need not waste money on expenses for medicines, sleeping pills, various therapies and keep worrying about yourself that you are sick.

Any time you feel low, depressed, confused give yourself a small nap. After you wake up you can feel much better and the decisions you make will be good. You may even get a solution to your problems in your dreams by your instincts.

Have a happy night!!!

Dos and don'ts while raising a child

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This is a picture representing a mom spending time with her son

"How to raise a child?" is one of the most searched topics in Google. There are about a hundred different ways of parenting. And another hundred ways to be a good parent.

Being a full-time mother of a 4-year-old kid, it is really tough to raise my son. I often google and get advice from elders and friends about raising my child. I have also seen other mommies like me trying various methods to make their child a better human. So, here I have penned down some of the dos and don'ts while raising your child.

Let's start with what you have to do.

The Dos:

Spend quality time with your child:

This is the most important one. You should spend some quality time with your child every day.

Leave all your work and sit down with the child. Play with him/her. Do what they want you to do. Let them take the lead. You may also exchange your roles. Be the child and let your child be your mom assisting you.

Create a good bonding. This initially built bonding will be till the end. Child and adolescent psychiatrist has advised you to spend time with your child. No smartphones or tablets, just you and your child.

If you have more children, spend at least 5 minutes with each of them separately.

Praise them often but selectively :

We love to be praised by others, and so do our children. Just tell your son /daughter that you are proud of them and see their reactions on their faces. You can see a sparkle in the eyes with a broad smile.

My son loves to hear it from me. You can either tell " you are smart and mommy is proud of you " or " I am glad that you have done a good job. Keep it up!" , to your child. These are the magical words. It gives them self-esteem and encourages them to repeat the work happily.
But be careful with the words you use to praise them.

Don't overpraise them saying they are great and no one could push them down to a lower level. The over praising words slowly make them feel superior over others and develops unwanted complexes.

Tell them stories with moral values :

Children love to hear stories. Tell them stories with good moral values which mold them to have a good behavior. Tell stories of inspiration and perseverance.

Do tell them your family stories too. The way you grew up or how to achieved in your life. Make them understand your situation and encourage them to be kind to all members of the family. Help them understand that he/she is a part of the family.

Make them engage in family functions and get-together so that they come to know the value of relationships.

Practice gratitude :

Practice gratitude with your children regularly. Appreciation should not contain only gifts, you can either take them to their favorite play area or can join them in classes in which they have interest. Teach your children to be thankful for what they have or get. Let them have a broad perspective.

It takes time for children to show gratitude. So don't worry if he is not grateful.

Do prioritize your friends and teach them the value of friendship:

Good friendship gives happiness. Help your child to develop his friendship. Kids start making friends when they start their schooling in kindergarten. Your children should know the value of friendship. They grow by seeing you.

I know you hardly get time to talk or hang out with your friends. But you should make time to spend with your friends too. Only then your child will know the value of the social relationship. Plan a hangout with your pals. Take your children with you and invite your friends to get their children. Whether it may be a park or play area.  Enjoy your time while your children enjoy theirs.

Encourage your children to make friends. Organize a playdate at home and invite friends.

Listen to them:

Like us, children to don't like to be lectured. They don't like parents saying what they do is wrong. Mainly when you say "don't do this" or "is this the way to behave?" Slowly they start seeing parents as a person with authority and develops a dislike towards them.

Be kind and gentle. I know you get tensed when your child misbehaves. But, first, take a deep breathe and relax. Say "calm down " to yourself. Ask your child "why you did this? " and he will have an answer. Listen to him. Once he feels that you listen to him, he will feel a positive bonding with you and then explain what he did was wrong or he could have done it the other way.

I know this is hard to cool yourself first without bursting out. But with repeated trails it is possible.

Explore their feelings and Teach them good discipline :

Children don't misbehave naturally. If they misbehave, then it is due to either of the reasons below:
1. They have been conditioned or pushed to misbehave.
2. They have not been taught of good manners and how to behave.

Everyone in this world wishes to be treated with respect. So do children. They too deserve to be treated with respect and love. They learn from you. They observe you all the time. The way you speak and behave.

First, try to understand your children's feelings. Watch their every move. If they seem to be dull or not as they used to be before, then it means they have something in their mind which troubles them.

Spend time with your child. Try to find out the reason. Assure him you are there for him always and motivate him to speak out. Help him to understand the world around him and his role in the world. Teach him about controlling his emotions and how his emotions affect himself and others around him.

The Don'ts:

Don't protect them from failure:

This is a picture of a mother protecting her children

Let your child learn that failures at part and parcel of life. It is hard for you as a parent to see your child fail or being upset about things. You immediately go to their rescue. But, let them learn from their own mistakes.

How do you teach your child to ride a bicycle?

You hold the cycle a few times when they start riding for the first time. Slowly you remove your hand and let them balance and drive on their own.

Similarly, they have to learn to balance life. You have to let them fall and rise to learn the realities of life. They have to face conflicts, hardships, betrayal, struggles and consequences in their future. So, prepare them for their future.

Don't compare and criticize:

Each one of us is unique. I don't like being compared with my colleague or friend.
Do you?
There will be a big NO.

Don't compare your child with another child. Criticizing them in public make them worse. Avoiding criticism improves their self-esteem and motivates happiness.
If your child behaves badly, stay calm ignoring it. If he repeats it be patient enough to tell him politely how to behave and what he does is wrong.

Do not compare your children with each other if you have multiple children. There will be a difference in activities between the elder, middle and the youngest one. Each individual will have their own strengths, so focus on that. If younger is good in studies, do not compare him with the elder. The elder may do his bed properly whereas the youngest may not.

Encourage and praise each one for their efforts to do their best. This motivates and molds them into a better human.

Don't impose your thoughts on them:

Imposing your thoughts or ordering them to do what you say gives a negative picture. Children do have their own thoughts and dreams. No child will obey you if you order them.

Find their interests and dreams. You may give a suggestion about what they have to do. Implying it is their choice. Children do need freedom within limits. Unless what they do is wrong, leave it in their choice.

Don't get them everything they wish or want:

It is similar to the first point in don'ts. Your child should realize that he/she cannot get everything they ask or wish for. This should be practiced from a small age. Getting them everything makes them stubborn and arrogant. They grow thinking they could get anything. And if they don't either they lose heart and get depressed or may harm themselves or others to get things done.

This is not good.

I know you earn for your children and you want to fulfill their dreams. But this is not the right choice.

Tell them NO at times. Be stubborn about your decision. Explain to them they could get it later someday. Teach them to be patient. Once they get used to it, they can survive any difficult situations.

Don't give any electronic gadgets like smartphones and tablets:

A child psychologist has said that children using smartphones and tablets for longer hours are slow in learning and have a bad handwriting. They sit idle in a place without making a mess around which is good but the side-effects of using gadgets are worse.

Children develop white patches on eyeball which leads to cancer in eyes said by a recent research.

Engage them in other activities like coloring, reading books or other indoor games while you prepare your meal or do other household works.

Your children's physical and mental health is more important than anything else. 

Did you know?-Benefits and effects of Aloe Vera for skin, hair and teeth.

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Hello gorgeous,

This is a picture representing aloe Vera

We all know that Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant which can be used for a variety of purposes. It is one of God’s gifts for us. But how many of us know all the uses and how to use it? They're all people who still grow it without knowing the uses.

Benefits :

  • It cures many of the skin diseases, respiratory issues,  joint complaints, hair growth, and helps in getting the clear soft skin. 
  • It also helps to get rid of dandruff and lice in the head. 
  • It helps in weight loss, regulates irregular period and improves immunity.
  • It promotes good dental health.

It simply looks like that of a reduced cactus and has a weird sticky gel inside.

But that gel consists of more than two hundred ingredients in it.

Here are some of the tips that might be helpful for you!

For a beautiful and glowing skin:

This is a picture representing a beautiful girl with healthy skin

Usually, girls try anything for beautiful and glowing skin. So do I. And now boys have started too. And ladies after crossing the age of 40 fears about the wrinkles that appear on their faces. Here is one small and easy way to stay younger and beautiful.
  • The gel of Aloe Vera acts as a moisturizer for the skin. It is suitable for any type of skin. 
  • It may be dry, oily, allergic prone skin etc. this gel acts as the remedy and provides oxygen to the epithelial cells. 
  • It also heels sunburn, small cuts, wounds, abrasion, and skin irritation. 
How to use? 

Take a small piece of the plant and cut it through the center and remove the gel from it.
Do not touch the latex part. Make a paste of it and apply it gently on your skin everyday night  Before going to bed. You will have a healthy skin for sure.

For beautiful shiny hair:

The most important problems among females are hair fall, dryness of scalp, dandruff, thinning of hair etc. A simple one-way cure is the use of Aloe Vera.

How to use? 

 Apply the gel and massage well over the scalp and throughout the Length of the hair. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash the hair. 

The folic acid and the vitamins in the gel nourish the scalp and make it free from lice, dandruff, hair fall etc.

Let's see about the other benefits of Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera helps in reducing weight loss:

Aloe Vera can improve the effectiveness of your everyday diet and also helps to increase your weight loss potential.

It has plenty of vitamins and minerals that contribute to weight loss, as well as many enzymes, sterols, and amino acids. It helps to improve the body’s absorption and utilization, thus improving overall health as well as weight loss success.

How to use? 
  • You can cut a piece of Aloe Vera which is the about 10-15cm length. Remove the skin and eat or can make a juice out of it. 
  • You should have it in empty stomach in the morning to have better results. 

Aloe Vera for dental health :

This is a picture representing teeth

  • Aloe Vera tooth gel has a similar function to that of a toothpaste. 
  • It eliminates the disease-causing bacteria and prevents your tooth decay and gum receding. 
  • It has anti-inflammatory property and hence prevents cavities. 
  • Aloe Vera tooth gel makes teeth whiter than other commercial toothpaste available in the market. 
  • The antibacterial property prevents plague in the mouth. 

It improves immunity: 

The juice of Aloe Vera is rich in anti-oxidants, which helps to cut out the free radicals in the body and boost up your immunity.

It also contains proteins which help in the development of muscle and also give a more amount of energy.

To make it work it should be taken regularly and for a long period of time.

How to drink the juice? 
  • The juice of Aloe Vera is so bitter that we wouldn’t think of even drinking it. 
  • To make it consumable take the gel and blend it well. You can also add this to some fruit juice that is sweet.
  • The leaves Aloe Vera can also be made as juice and taken with honey.

It cures certain stomach complaints:

  • It can be used for digestive complaints such as indigestion, acid reflux, stomach bloating, and flatulence and also for Irritable bowel syndrome. It helps to promote normal transit of waste matter through the bowel.
  • Usually, the gastric ulcer is due to the result of wearing away of the mucous membrane in the stomach. So the acid in the stomach produces ulcers. But research proves that Aloe Vera has a protective effect on the mucous membrane. 
  • It also helps to impair the secretion of gastric acid that causes the pain. It is also said that Aloe Vera decreases the leucocyte adherence and also promote the healing process.
  • It also helps in diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol complaints.

It treats menstrual irregularities :

  • It is used as a remedy during your periods. 
  • It naturally regulates your hormones and treats irregular periods. 
How to use? 

For best results extract aloe vera gel from the leaves and mix it with one teaspoon of honey and consume it regularly in empty stomach before breakfast. 

Note: Do not use this remedy during your periods. 

Aloe Vera is a plant that needs only less attention and gives more effects for us. It can be grown in the balcony of your own house. You need not depend upon the chemically prepared facial products and medicines sold in the market.

Instead, lead a healthy life at your own preparation.

How to support your child's mental health?-Guidelines to good parenting.

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Hello parent,
This is a picture representing to take care of child's mental health

I know you love your children. You get them everything they ask for. You do care about them more than you. You always think that they are still kids even if they become young adults.

You do your best to give them a good education and a good environment to live in.

But still, these days kids are very naughty and adamant. They throw tantrums and cry till they get what they asked for. Many are unable to adapt themselves to a new environment.

They complicate things.

They have a fear to face new challenges.

They even get depressed easily when things don't turn out well.

Why does this happen?

It is because you give them too much attention and pamper them always. You always hold their hands while walking through their life, fearing that they would fall or get hurt.

As a result, they lose confidence in themselves and start depending on you. They will have negative thoughts like :
  • What would happen if I go wrong?
  • What will others think about me if I fail?
  • Will I succeed?
  • Am I on the right path?
  • Will this idea work?

And so on...

We care about their physical health a lot. We give them nutritious food and other supplements to balance their diet.

But what about their mental health?

There are certain questions you have to ask yourself regarding your child's mental health.
  • How are you supporting them to have a good mental health? 
  • Do they have any stress? 
  • How do they manage in difficult situations? 
  • Do they know any stress relieving techniques? 
  • Are they able to handle the situation on their own? 
  • Are you showing them the right path to living?

If you are able to answer all the questions in a positive way then you guide them well.
Give yourself a thumbs up.

Good job.
This is a picture representing parenting skills

If you are not sure about your answers or do not know about your child's mental health, then please go through the guidelines below.

1. Say "I Love You" to your child every day.

I know your child is your heart and you love them to the core. You give them the best in everything. 

But does your child know it?

When you correct or punish them for his/her mistakes, they think that you don't love them. Slowly they develop negative feelings for you.
They become aggressive. They do the things you don't like. They even start hiding some events or parts of their life.

So, what can be done?

Just say the 3 magical words " Mamma or papa loves you". Yes, these are the words that do the magic. You may be strict or punish them. After some time just go to your child and say you love them and then explain their mistakes.

 Now they will understand their mistakes and they will take efforts to behave properly.

Say "I love you and I will be there for you always ". Make it a daily habit. Create a good bonding with your child which is the basis of all the steps.

2. Encourage your child to exercise and play outside.

During our childhood days, we used to play outside. But kids these days sit indoors and watch TV or play with gadgets.

Merits we had when we played outside :
  • It made us strong and fit. 
  • We learned to play in groups with friends which gave us the exposure to be a good team player. 
  • We learned how to handle both success and failure. 
  • We learned to give equal opportunity to our teammates.
Encourage your children to do exercise in the morning and make them play outside. Spend some time with them while playing. You can also set up a swimming pool outside your house and make them play with your guidance.

3. Do not give electronic gadgets like mobile and tablet for playing.

Nowadays children play games on mobiles, tablet, and other electronic gadgets. They get addicted to these gadgets and refuse to play outside. Recent research has said that children who use a lot of touchscreens have difficulties in holding a pencil and have a bad handwriting.

Disadvantages of using electronic gadgets :
  • They don't learn to play in groups. 
  • They don't give the opportunity to others while playing. 
  • They always want to win. 
  • They don't learn to face failure and get depressed when they fail. 
  • They want to be the team leader and lack the skill of a team player. 
  • They become weak physically.
So, don't give them mobiles or tablets. It will be hard for you to make your child not to use gadgets but you have to avoid it.

4. Keep an eye on their behavior.

Children grow quickly. They make friends once they start going to school. They may get into a good or bad company. Keep an eye on their behavior. If you notice any changed behavior which is bad, first find out the reason behind it. Take them to a calm place and explain that it is bad.

5. Support and praise your child.

We scold or punish our children when they do something wrong.

What do we do when they do good?

It may even be a small effort like cleaning their room, sharing a piece of chocolate with siblings/friends or just folding their clothes.

If you notice any good behavior in them, support it and praise them. Children like to be praised. This will have a positive impact on them. Slowly they will start doing good things on their own.

6. Give your child some rest time.

You will have dreams about your children. You might want them to play music, study well or involve in other extracurricular activities.

Remember your child has their own dreams. Give them some time for refreshing and to do the things they like. This will give them a positive attitude. Who knows they might even excel in those activities. See everything as an achievement.

7. Say that you are proud of them.

Each child is unique and talented. One might draw well, other might sing whereas another might dance.

Do not compare your child with another child. It makes them feel inferior. They lose their confidence. They will have a thought that they are considered a loser by others which will decrease their willpower.

What can be done?

Find out your child's talent and interest. Ask them what they like to do. If they like painting, get the paints.
If they like dancing, make them join a dance class.
If they are interested in any sports, join them for coaching.

Every child has some of the other talents. It is your responsibility to find them. Develop them.

Make them feel that they are the best. Tell them that you are proud of them.

Take a picture of your child with their achievement and pin it up in their room's wall.

Believe me, this will encourage your child to become a winner.

8. Don't pressure your child in any situation.

Do not pressure your child to do something which they don't like doing. You might want your child to play a Casio but he/she might be interested in painting. Please don't force them. It is their life. 

Respect and give space.

I have seen parents say "I wanted to be a doctor, but I couldn't. So I force my child to take science and want him to be one" whereas the child's dream is to be a pilot.

No, don't push them. They won't be interested in doing what you say and at the same time, they feel some pain in heart for not able to do what they like or dream about.

Guide them in their dreams and let them live their own lives.

9. Have a conversation with your child daily.

You should have some family time every day when all your family members sit together and discuss what they did that day. The best time is when you all sit for dinner or you can have some other time according to your convenience.

Open up to your child about what you did that day or how did you feel during the day and only then your child will say about theirs. Ask them "how was your day or how was school today?" .If you don't say anything and just ask them, they will only have a cold reply "why should I tell while you don't tell me anything ?" or they might tell something irrelevant to the topic.

Remember your children copy you. It is from you what they learn. Have a pleasant conversation every day.
This is a picture representing a family spending time together

10. Spend time and listen to your child and get to know their feelings.

Spend some time with your child. Know about your children.

Try to understand them. Find the things that make them feel upset. Find their problems.

Many schools going children are affected by bullying. Their fellow students tease them and make them feel inferior.

Find the reason behind it. Assure them that he/she is the best. Make them feel that you are always there for them.

Educate yourself about mental problems and coping skills to make them relaxed. You may learn and teach them simple meditation techniques that do wonders in relaxing.

Take them for a walk outside. Ask them to enjoy nature. You can even make their favorite food or give them compliments.

11. Don't feel ashamed to get the help of professionals if you are unable to handle your child's problem.

Knowledge is as deep as an ocean. We can't master everything. We only know a handful of information which is necessary for us to survive.

So, if you are unable to understand your child or not able to solve their problems, don't worry or get upset. Every parent goes through such a situation. And you are not exceptional.

Don't feel ashamed to admit that you are unable to guide or solve your child's problem.

There are a lot of professionals out there who are ready to help you out. If your child doesn't open up to you, take him to a counselor. They will make him/her speak up and overcome the obstacles.

Teenagers undergo bullying, harassment and sexual abuses which they keep it a secret and worry about it within themselves.

They won't inform their parents or friends about the incident. Many adolescents and young adults go into depression due to this. Counselors and psychotherapists give them counseling and help them regain their willpower.

12. Do not fight with your spouse or neighbor in front of your child.

Fighting with your spouse or neighbors in front of your child make them aggressive. They develop a thought that they could win over a conversation by speaking harshly.

 Children whose parents fight develop a feeling of being neglected. They develop stress and depression. This affects their future too.

They long to be loved by someone but wear a mask of stubbornness and an angry person. As a result, they get into bad company and start taking alcohol and drugs.

13. Say "No" stubbornly.

You earn for your children. You get them everything they wish for. You always keep them in a comfort zone.

This is not good. You have to learn to say NO to your children.

Do not get them everything they want until it is necessary.

Tell them that they could get it some other time.

Teach them the art of patience.

Make them realize that they can't get everything they wish for.

Don't hold their hands in every situation. Let them fall and rise on their own.

They have to get used to the word "NO". Be strong in what you say. Don't compromise even if they cry.

They have to taste the bitterness of failure and only then they will cherish their success.

Make them realize that success can't be got in an overnight time. Teach them to work hard and not to lose their heart.

14. Assure them that God will guide them through the dark path of life.

You may talk positively to your child, yet they might feel an emptiness within them.

Our children need to hold on tight to a rope called prayer to get connected with God.

Only He can do wonders. Assure them hard work will be paid and God will guide them.

Make it a habit for your child to pray every day and to surrender themselves to God asking for guidance.

Once they start believing in God they will fear to harm others and will lead to a happy peaceful life.

Happy parenting.

How To Think Positive?- Guide To Better and Happy Life.

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You may have heard people tell "think positive and you will be happy and succeed in your life ". Have you ever wondered why do they say so? Is it just a saying or is it really true? Or maybe they want to comfort you by saying so.

Whatever it may be. Everyone keeps telling it.

OK hold on a second...

What does this positive thinking actually mean? What does it do to you? 

Positive thinking is an attitude which makes you push yourselves to expect good and desired results. The power of positivity is to help you create and transform your energy into reality. Positive mindset helps you to seek happiness, health and a happy ending regardless of the situation.

Do you know why fairytales have a happy ending? It tells you if you put your efforts with a positive attitude you will succeed.

 Positivity enhances your mind and makes you move forward.

 Positivity is the key to your success.

Why do you need positive thoughts? 

  • It helps you to keep the stress away.
  • It helps to explore new things. 
  • It helps you to avoid many mental and physical diseases. 
  • It helps you to think open-mindedly. 
  • It helps to discover your own skills. 
  • It keeps you motivated.
  • It helps us to cope more easily with our daily works in life, to fulfill our day to day needs and would bring constructive changes in our lives. 
  • It will make us an optimist and will help us to avoid worries and negative thoughts.

How to gain it?

Positive thinking is a way of constructive thinking. We should keep thinking about solutions and believe that we can find them. It's just not enough that we believe that things will turn out to be okay.

It is a real task where you put your minds together to find out the way to a solution.

All you need is to build up confidence in yourself, get yourself motivated, have the guts to face the situation and fully believe that you can do it.

Motivation is the energy and zest to do things and accomplish goals. It makes you focus on the things you do. It makes you spend your energy and time on work in accomplishing a goal.

Do not allow anything to get in your way. Your path may be hard and tricky. It may tend to discourage you and break down all that you have developed within you. Still, you have to keep going and stay focused on your way.

A few questions to check out if you are on the right path?

  • Do you believe that your work will turn out to be a successful one?
  • Do you involve yourself in inspiring and encouraging others?
  • Have you given up in difficult situations and when meeting obstacles?
  • Have you looked at a problem as a curse or a blessing in disguise?
  • Do you believe that you possess enough self-esteem and self-confidence to handle confidently the affairs of your daily life?
  • Do you look for solutions instead of dwelling on them?

If all these questions have an answer “yes” then it means you are heading toward success.

The “power of positive thinking” is a popular concept, and sometimes it can feel a little cliche.

Here is how you get the power.

You can make your day happy by saying these positive points every day.

  • Make yourself feel better on seeing the slightest positive thing.
  • Take up the difficult situation as a challenge and fun. Turn failures into success.
  • Turn the negative self-talk into positive self-talk.
  • Be right where you are and live the present, with no panic about the future.
  • Find good friends who can motivate you and stay away from the ones who desire to crush you.
  • Be open to criticism and keep learning.  A quote says”keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow". So, your view must be headed straight to success and nothing else.

Every hard work results in success and if it ends up in failure, then it is a lesson to be learned.

There is nothing to do with what has already happened. But, tomorrow is always yours to win or lose.

These lessons can be applied to all of us in any situation. Positive thinking offers compounding returns. So, the more often you practice it, the greater will be the results you get.

Finally, you will reach success.

I wish you all success. 

Essential play things and toys that you can get for your child (0 months to 4 years) - A guide to toys for infants and toddlers.

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Hello wonderful mommies, 

This is a picture of various toys for toddlers

               Are you looking for the things and toys to get your little ones but not sure what to buy or have a thought whether it will be useful to them? Or are you wondering will they like it?

               Just don't worry, you have landed on the right page.

               Our kids are our first priorities and to make them sit in one place by engaging them with toys or things is a tedious job. We often wish we had some time for us a "me time" to relax, to feel fresh, to listen to our favorite song, to talk to our dear ones etc..

                Being a full-time mother of a 4-year-old kid, I have gained some experience in buying things and toys for kids to play and keep them occupied while you work or have your own time relaxing.

  • Care should be taken while giving toys to your kids. Some parts may be sharp, broken which might harm them or kids may tend to swallow tiny pieces. 
  • Always keep an eye on them while playing.
  • Never give them small balls or things like beads even if they are attractive. Kids may swallow or put it in their nose.
  • Check them if they play too silently as they do all mischievous works silently. 

0 months to 12 months :

Play mats:

Play mats are essential for your baby to lie down and play. It has a soft texture. Many colorful hanging things are attached to the play mats which enable the baby to be attracted towards it.

Rattles, objects which makes sound and squeaking toys:

During the first 3 months, the baby's vision is blurry. They can hear sounds. Rattles and toys making various sounds are found in shops. These sounds help in enhancing their observation skills.

Musical toys:

Toys which has various animals and birds sounds are found. It has many button type keys with an animal picture on it which when pressed produce the corresponding animal sound. You can encourage your child to press those buttons.

Bath toys:

To make bathing fun, toys like rubber ducks and water animals can be bought. These toys float on water and distract the babies from crying.
Care should be taken while making them a bath in bathtubs.

Teething toys:

Once the baby starts teething, they have an uneasy pain in the gums. Teething toys act as a reliever from pain.

Lighting toys:

After 3 months slowly babies start to see colors. They are attracted towards bright colors. Toys which produce colorful lights can be given.

Stacking toys:

By 6 months when the babies start to sit, stacking toys can be given. This makes their brain sharp. Initially, they won't arrange. But slowly in practice, they will learn to arrange it accordingly.


Balloons are babies favorite. You can carry balloons in your handbag while you go out and blow them when your child becomes irritated. I do it at all times.


Once your baby starts to sit, you can give them drums. When they tap, they will hear sounds which makes them excited.

Fitting block toys:

Similar to stacking toys fitting block toys have different shapes which fit only in that particular area. It helps your child to learn about different shapes.


Spring swings are so much fun. It makes your child jump in happiness.

Stuffed fabric balls:

Small stuffed fabric balls make them crawl or walk to get the ball. Roll the ball on the floor and ask them to take it.

13 months to 24 months:

This is a picture of a girl blowing bubbles


Boys are always crazy about balls. Just get them lighter one so they may feel easy to play with. Never get them hard ones especially when they play indoors.


Dolls are girls favorite. They easily get attached to one.
Make sure the plastic or fabric is good and there is no loosened wool which may lead to choking when they keep in mouth.


Kids are fascinated by bubbles. There are also bubble trains which produce bubbles while running.

Fruits and vegetable toys:

Children start to recognize objects. Teach them with plastic fruits and vegetable toys.

Pull back toys:

These toys make children run behind them thus enhancing motor skills.

Picture book:

You can start teaching your kids with picture books. They will learn to listen and point to the corresponding picture when you call the name.

2 years to 3 years:

Cars and train set:

Boys love cars. At this stage, they will slowly start their fondness towards cars from balls.
Be careful with the wheels as they may come out.

Bolts and nuts :

This is to enhance their cognitive and motor skills.

Kids laptop :

Children learn alphabets and numbers. There are also some small activities. Kids love laptop as they like to imitate us.

Building blocks :

Building blocks get them occupied for a while. It improves their creative thinking and you will be amazed by seeing your little ones building and naming them.

Dress up dolls and a kitchen set:

Girls have a fondness towards dolls. They slowly start to imitate their mothers and grandma. They like dressing up dolls, combing their hair and to play with kitchen set making their own dishes.

Alphabet and number magnets :

You can make your kids learn alphabets and numbers using magnets.

Talking tom:

Talking Tom toy imitates what you speak. It will be fun for babies when it imitates their sounds.

This is a picture of children playing together

3 years to 4 years :

Crayons and Paints:

Children at this age learn to hold a pencil. They too have an attraction towards colors. You can give them crayons to color. Paints can be given but you have to assist them.

Cycles and Big cars:

By this age, you can get your kids cycle and big cars which they can drive. Trust me they will love riding it on their own.

A fishing game with the rod:

In this game, there will be 7 to 8 plastic fishes which float in water. Each fish has an iron screw near their mouth. There will be a rod with a magnet. Your child has to pick the fish using the rod. It improves their concentration.

Playhouse and ball pool:

Playhouse and ball pool are kids all-time favorite.

So what are you waiting for? Get the toys according to your kid's age and watch them play. Take pictures, videos and have fun.

The above-mentioned things and toys are available both online or in toy shops near your home. I don't sell or have an affiliate with any online companies. This is just for your information. 

If you have any suggestions or ideas to make kids occupied with activities, please comment below. 

Your Success is on the way and the struggles are only temporary-An inspiring story.

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This is a inspirational quote

No one can reach the top of the stairs without stepping on each and every step. Likewise, no one can eat the fruit of success without passing through struggles. All the famous persons who we know today have gone through hard days, criticism and failures. All you have to do is to believe with a strong heart that one day You will succeed.

 I remember a story of a girl and a butterfly which I once heard. The story follows:

 Once there was a 7-year-old girl. She was very playful and lazy to the extent of making her parents do all the small works including her homework from school. She used to cry and throw tantrums if her mother advised her to do the works on her own. She often complained that her parents didn't love her as they refuse to help her in the day to day homework. The parents were worried about her future and thought of teaching her a lesson.

One fine day, the father took her to a tree in the garden where a cocoon was hanging.There was a caterpillar struggling hard to come out of the cocoon. The father asked the little girl to watch it carefully. The caterpillar was twisting, turning and trying hard to come out of the cocoon. The girl was so touched by the caterpillar's struggle. She quickly opened the cocoon and set that caterpillar free. The caterpillar fell down on the ground and died within minutes.
This is a picture of metamorphosis

 The little girl began to cry, she said: "I only helped the caterpillar so that it could be free, but it died.".  Then the father explained, "The caterpillar is nothing but the butterfly. It has to struggle to come out of its cocoon on its own. Only then it will be transformed into the beautiful butterfly with wings. If anyone else helps it to come out, then its wings will not support it in flying and it will die."

 He also added that "similarly you should do your works on your own. You can, of course, get our guidance but you have to do your works and only then you will be transformed into a successful young lady in the future." The girl understood what her father said and began doing her works without complaining.

 This story is not only for that little girl. But for us too. There will be times when you will be weak by heart breakups, wounded by betrayal, you may not even have a support or shoulder to cry on, you may even feel you are not worthy of living.

Never ever lose your heart. Remind and convince yourself that this situation will pass and you will succeed.

Your heart and mind as it determines your success.
Have positive thoughts. Don't worry about others. Don't even think what others will think about you.

Do what you feel is right. Just see to that no one is harmed by you.

Don't keep complaining and keep waiting for an inspiration.

This is a picture of motivation quote

Instead, be an inspiration to others. The world will mock you down during your every step towards success. Never listen to criticism. Remember once you reach the top of your ladder, the same world will praise you.

Don't let your worries conquer you, instead conquer the world with positive thoughts and confidence in You.

Just Believe it, Achieve it and Become it.

Build a castle of your dreams with the stones that people threw at you.

Have a successful journey towards your goal.